Match the squares!

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Desarrollador: Dennis Rava
Tamaño: 14MB
Actualización: 24.01.2015

Compatible con: iOS
Categorías : Juegos, Puzzle



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If you like playing puzzle games then you need to try "Match the squares!"

Match the squares is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game which will test your solving skills!

Easy rules: complete every level by finding the correct combination. Remember, there are just two colors: blue and orange. If you click on a square, the color of the clicked square and the color of his neighbors change.

Time is not important, but the number of attempts is! Much more attempts you do, less coins you'll get. If you're stuck you can use the hint button, it gives you precious hints to finish the level.

Do you think it's too easy? I can assure you it's not! Play now with "Match the squares", you won't regret!

Any suggestion? Write it in the review or contact us at We listen to our players!

iPad & iPhone

Match the squares!


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