WordTrivia™ Friends Free - New Word Trivia Game With Crosswords

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Desarrollador: SavySoda
Tamaño: 33MB
Actualización: 2.03.2015

Compatible con: iOS
Categorías : Juegos, Trivia


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Spanish please! :)
„Nice game. Spanish please! :)”

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The Newest, most challenging word game arrives exclusively for iOS.

Say hello to WordTrivia. The game that lets you challenge your friends to test who's the smartest in hundreds of different topics.

Imagine playing Family Feud mixed with Scramble with Friends.

Simply Pick a topic, find all the scrambled words as fast as you can and beat your friends time! Sounds simple?

Challenge your friends and see who's the smartest spelling genius. Play with one friend only or with them all at once. Test your command of the english language and study new words along the way.


Apple - "New & Noteworthy"

Shaniah Star - "I Love this game because not only does it challenge me but I learn new things as well! AND it's fun!"

JuliaAlan - "A challenging game most days lack of"


Over 50 levels to progress through with thousands of interesting words to learn along the way.

- Online Multiplayer
- Uses latest iOS UI and Dymamics
- Challenge with both GameCenter and Facebook Friends
- Match with players around the world
- Over 50 Levels, Thousands of words

If you love playing words games such as scrabble, crossword, hangman or word search, You'll love word trivia.
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WordTrivia™ Friends Free - New Word Trivia Game With Crosswords